Hydroponic gardening is growing plants in nutrient rich water solutions instead of soil. It is a simple but very reliable method of gardening that involves little or no soil. This means no long hours tilling or weeding the soil, no extra money spent on fertilizers or pesticides plus an added advantage of higher, richer yields than soil. While you may not have this huge space requirement, we can help you settle down quickly and start your own hydroponic garden with the introduction and use of AUTOPOT HYDRONIC SYSTEMS.

The AutoPot hydroponic system developed by AutoPot™ has made giant strides in the agricultural sector, turning formerly non-arable areas of the world into food producing nations. AutoPot hydroponic systems which are economical to build and relatively easy to operate, are now available in the market place. This has enabled people to grow fresh, great tasting vegetables for their family and friends as well as commercially for sale. If you love to garden but face several problems such as limited space, pest or unsuitable weather conditions, then AutoPot hydroponic system is your answer!

Listed below are three AutoPot systems that allow you to grow your garden with extremely high success rates!

1. AutoPot 1POT SYSTEMS & KITS: The AutoPot 1POT system offers an easy and efficient watering system for a wide variety of plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies etc. It is designed by linking one or many pots to a single tank. Once it is set up and the tank filled with water and liquid feed, the 1POT System will provide all the needs of your plants. AutoPot 1POT System does not require pump, power, mains water pressure or timers to operate; gravity pressure is all that is needed from a tank or water barrel. The systems is undoubtedly one of the simplest to use and can be left unattended for weeks due to the ability of the AQUA valve to deliver all that is required by the plant. (All you need to do is remember to fill up the tank). The system can be easily extended by linking more pots to the main tank. If the plants are growing too large or too close, the pots can be spaced further apart easily.
With prices ranging from £3.50 - £1995.00, the AutoPot 1POT System has been tested severally and is guaranteed to produce great results to both gardeners and growers.
To up your gardening techniques and increase yield, get your AutoPot 1Pot System now!

2. AutoPot 1Pot XL Systems: Just like the AutoPot 1Pot system, The AutoPot 1Pot XL systems is an advanced version with a proven capacity to reduce consumption of water and feed by an impressive 40%, whilst increasing yields of the plant. The AutoPot 1Pot XL System releases nutrients from the main tank only when the nutrient in the growing medium has been exhausted. This ensures there is no waste of nutrient solution.
With prices ranging from £6.75 - £2550.00, the AutoPot 1Pot XL System is the real deal for commercial growers and gardeners alike. Don’t wait any longer get yours immediately!

3. AutoPot Easy2grow Kits: The easy2grow system is the most popular and best selling product designed by AutoPot™. One of the selling points of the easy2grow system is that water loss is minimized drastically and the system works automatically allowing gardeners to relax, go away on weekends and still be sure of healthy plants with bumper harvest. We can confidently call the AutoPot easy2grow system as gardening made easy!
The Easy2grow system does not also require pump, power, or timers to operate as water and feed are pumped directly into the 8.5 litres easy2grow pots. The easy2grow kit is very affordable with prices ranging from £3.15 - £1350.00. What more are you waiting for? Grab your own AutoPot easy2grow kit now!!!

AutoPot™ is now a recognized leader in irrigation and hydroponic systems with a reputation of been able to provide durable, environmentally friendly and innovative watering solutions. AutoPot hydroponic gardening brings nothing but pure joy! Order your own AutoPot™ System Today from us today!